Dec 17, 2010

Better Work By FAR

When Rohrbach told City Council that the Bill will hurt competitive construction for Allentown, Allentown should have listened. You couldn’t walk in Allentown, especially near City Hall, without stepping on Rohrbach work, including the new Arts Walk. Quality cement work, and F A Rohrbach, has been synonymous in Allentown for 35 years. The disconnect shown between City Council voting for the ordinance requiring union labor, and the history of Allentown, is staggering. It was here in the valley that both the national cement and steel industries began. Our local tradesman and fabricators became world renowned for quality work. In all the years of the All American City's pride, former leaders knew better than to chop off the legs of our esteemed craftsmen. Now the glory days are behind us, and we are in the days of petty self serving. Our local politicians grovel at the union hall, pandering for a block of votes. Rohrbach came to City Hall out of principle and loyalty to his employees. Where was Lee Butz? Many quality contractors who work for his construction managed projects are not unionized. Butz speaks out about how nice and safe Hamilton Street is; He should have spoken out about the quality work of local tradesman, union affiliated or not.

The Bill, sponsored by Pawlowski, D'Amore and Schweyer, passed 5 to 2. Pawlowski is from out of town, and unfamiliar with the traditions of our local tradesmen. D'Amore is a certified union sycophant. Schweyer is employed by Jenn Mann, who is union co-dependent. Guridy doesn't assert himself. As an advocate for minority businesses, he should have thought about the small contractors starting up. Schlossberg is a machine politician in training. Ray O'Connell's vote was a disappointment. I applaud Donovan and Eichenwald, neither originally from the area, for their dissenting votes.

Morning Call article by Jarrett Renshaw


Mike Schware said...

Michael -

Well said!

Anonymous said...


Where was the Chamber of Commerce? This council is appalling and their self serving motives are transparent. Ray is a real disappointment. He has become what he claimed as a candidate he would never become, just another vote for the machine. There is no integrity in that.

Scott Armstrong

Allentown taxpayr said...

Perhaps the city's sole Latino council member believes that unions present an opportunity for minorities to share in the pie. Did anyone ask his reason forthe vote? Or is it more convenient just to lable him as useless?
What's your position on a resolution that requires a percentage of city contracts be awarded to minority firms?

michael molovinsky said...

dear taxpayer, i'm against the minority owned preferential treatment policy. as you may or may not know, there has been enormous abuse of those programs, where minority businesses are either created, or used as shills, to gain government contracts.

Anonymous said...

MM: Dismissing minority owned business preferences because these has been abuse is like eliminating handicapped parking preferences because some able bodied folks have accessed it. If you are serious of making the Lehigh Valley prosperous again, then it must grow a middle class. MBE preferences have a demonstrated record of giving a "hand up" not a "hand out" to minorities and women who have not had the ability to compete.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 12:56, i knew of a minority concrete contractor who did sidewalks for me at several properties. don't purport to support MBE and not oppose our new ordinance at the same time. i can tell you that there are no minority union contractors in the valley.

Greg L said...

>>there has been enormous abuse of those programs, where minority businesses are either created, or used as shills, to gain government contracts.<<

Unfortunately, this is quite true.