Dec 23, 2010

Abusing the SouthSide

Allentown's SouthSide has been under one pressure after another since Pawlowski's first election. A couple years ago this blog went to bat for Bicentennial Park. I conducted a Speak Out Meeting at Faith Baptist Church, which attracted, among others, the Hunsicker family and a couple City Council members. The Hunsicker's were responsible for the fund drive which built the current stadium. Pawlowski backed away from a sale to Lanta at the time, but according to a recent Morning Call article, pressure on the park still continues. Over the years, thousands of Allentown kids got to play Under the LIghts. History and tradition are both unknown and uncared for, by the outsiders running this town. I have also been involved in defending Lehigh Parkway, which is used for an entertainment venue at the expense of the traditional features. While irreplaceable WPA icons are overgrown and neglected, paths are paved, sewage spills, and electric lights shine.

Allentown's neglect and failure to properly paint and maintain the 15th Street Bridge has threatened the historic Schreibers Bridge near Regency Tower. The bridge was built in 1828. Because the north bound side of the 15th st. bridge has been closed, lines of cars and trucks now go over the old stone arch bridge.

Pawlowski now wants to sell the Queen City Airport for a quick, one time infusion to the city budget. We would lose a important open space asset to fund a few new restaurants on Hamilton Street. It was at this airport Vultee built planes to defend this country during the world war. The airport creates a safe barrier between small planes and the commercial aircraft at LVIA. Pawlowski would prefer more homes to burden the school system and a couple of strip malls to sell more litter.

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Anonymous said...

"i conducted a Speak Out Meeting at Faith Baptist Church, which attracted, among others, the Hunsicker family and a couple City Council members."

And a guy carrying a camera taking inside church photos. Some say he was there to intimidate the audience.

Anonymous said...

What about the South Side Public Library branch closed more than a year without a whimper from school board members. Shame on them!

michael molovinsky said...

anon 7:15, i conducted about a half dozen speak out meetings at the church over the past 5 years. at one meeting bernie o'hare took photo's for his blog coverage on ramblings. there was never anybody taking pictures that i didn't know, or for 'evidence" or intimidation. if you attended, thank you

Anonymous said...

Here's something you might wish to investigate.

Bennett's new Toyota Lehigh Street site construction seems to indicate more than an auto dealership is going in there. Does anyone know what's going on or if hard-working taxpayer dollars were used to include commercial ventures that perhaps could have paid their own way into this development project?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Molovinsky,
You didn't know about the man taking pictures because you were in the front of the church being a gracious host and encouraging commentary. He sat in the back pews and took photos.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I had a camera at this public meeting and took two pictures outside of two spectators who actually agreed to be photographed. One was Tony Phillips, and the other was an elderly woman who was being harassed over her periodic yard sales. I wrote stories about both of them, using those photographs. The suggestion that I was there to intimidate onlookers is complete nonsense. I was there to tell the story. So was the MC.