Oct 20, 2010

Open Mike

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Anonymous said...

Has Allentown addressed the Cedar Beach pathway destruction? Did the mayor hold a press conference to explain how the city will handle this issue? Will Trexler Trust pay for the repairs and place funds in escrow for repeats sure to happen every time there is a heavy storm.

Anonymous said...

The Sweep program, the parking authority,and just about all city departments are exacting new and larger fees , fines, and citations from the folks least likely to be able to afford these "taxes". These agencies are all behaving in a money grabbing, predatory manner.
The victims affected are the tax paying citizens living in the city proper.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 8:27, agreed. although the city has laid off 39 SEIU employees, three additional Sweep officers were hired because the program has put in city in the parking authority revenue league- licensed to steal

Local said...

The bankrupt Morning Call is on the way OUT.
They will leave a large building behind in Allentown's center city.
A contest to determine the best use of this future blighted property would be interesting.
The Call occupies a good location near city offices, museums,an art center,a fancy restaurant and the symphony hall.
What sort of venue would benefit our city?
A center for Spanish culture?
A planetarium?
An exibition hall?

Anonymous said...

Dear Local,
Very interesting post.
With its small editorial staff and not even anymore live phone customer service, there really isn't a need for the building as you point out. The remaining few could rent space along Hamilton Street. The building could become an excellent site for a school.

Anonymous said...

WTH is this?
Public input followed by immediate passage of what??
What are these creeps trying to foist on us this time?

PUBLIC HEARING – Proposed New Zoning Code

DATE: November 3, 2010 TIME: 6:30 PM

PLACE: Council Chambers, 435 Hamilton Street, Allentown, Pa.