Oct 18, 2010

My Dysfunctional Family

Last Week, O'Hare had a picture of Harriet Nelson on Ramblings. This weekend the Beaver's TV mom, Barbara Billingsky, passed away. As an early baby boomer, who grew up watching these women, I murmured that they don't make mothers like that anymore; Actually, they never did. As we grew up in the cold, living in row houses and twins, Ricky and the Beaver only ever wore a light jacket as they left their picture book colonial house. Rick's father, Ozzie, never worked, dedicating his entire time to solving family dilemma's. Our father's, fathers of the audience, worked in America's busiest time. Many of the factories in Allentown went 24 hours a day, in three shifts. The boys always got a snack after school, although sometimes Beaver wouldn't come straight home. If Ricky and the Beaver spent a night at the Molovinsky house, they would have thought they were transported back in time to real life Munsters, and would need counseling to get over the experience.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Molovinsky
We don't have anything brilliant to add to today's blog, but perhaps in the future you will do an essay on the city's $900K dog park soon to be located on Mack Blvd.

Anonymous said...

I had beers with JERRY MATHERS at the old B&G Station once upon a time way back when that area was safe to patronize at night.

Local said...

I have been scratching my head on this one too.
How does this city, that is so under financed that it constantly assaults its citizens with ever increasing fees, citations and fines, rationalize
spending nearly a million dollars on a south side dog park.
Doesn't Allentown have lots of parks? That are halfway maintained?
What is the deal? really.

michael molovinsky said...

it is my understanding that weitzel said it was planned (dog park), but not yet financed; they were hoping to find grants.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, it's emblematic of a city that's going to the dogs. Ahh, the Chicago way!

Anonymous said...

thanks for that funny post about tv families and yours. growing up in allentown in the 50s and 60s was a blast. knowing what we know now, and looking back, it was all very entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Wetzel will have his grants at the end of the day, rest assured.

It is just one reason why it is imperative to VOTE DEMOCRAT across the board.

Just like always.