Oct 15, 2010

Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

About twenty people stood in the rain yesterday afternoon to demonstrate against hydrofracking. I learned about the protest from the Neighbors of Easton Blog. I was glad to attend and show my solidarity, but I couldn't bring myself to hold a sign. Although I oppose the hydrofracking, I know the zombies who walk and drive by 7th and Hamilton couldn't care less. The only question in Harrisburg is if, and how much, to tax the extracted gas. I believe that our children will face unimaginable environmental consequences from this process. The media did not attend.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Molovinsky,
Have you heard anything about the possible Call's staff meeting at Symphony Hall or any city action on the human waste in the stream?
Thank you for your efforts. They are greatly appreciated.

Local said...

Here is the commonwealth's warped view.

Anonymous said...

MM -

Why was the demostration held at 7th and Hamilton? What's down there that's related to this issue?

Were they fracking lost :)?

michael molovinsky said...

anon 9:44, i have heard nothing about a call staff meeting. the paper reported that city council would "look" into the sewage situation.

anon 2:51, i though their effort could have been better directed at a state reps office, but i'm armchair quarterbacking; they're dedicated enough to stand out in the rain.

Cathy Frankenberg said...

Thanks for coming out, Mike. This was our first rally, and considering the rain, we did get good attendance. Next time a better spot will be in order - this one was chosen because it was somewhat central and easy to find.

michael molovinsky said...

on the contrary cathy, thank you for your efforts to protect my water. fyi, pat browne's office is on the corner of 8th and hamilton