Oct 11, 2010

For Rent, Security Deposit Required

The Morning Call has offered a significant portion of their first floor for lease. I suppose with the substantial staff reductions and everything else affecting the newspaper industry, it is no surprise that the sprawling building is under utilized. Although the advertisement is geared toward professional office use, they may have to lower their expectations, like everyone else in Allentown. Perhaps a dollar store?


Anonymous said...

How about a barber shop?

I'm not sure Allentown has enough of those.

Anonymous said...

Who could rent that space? The Call now has armed guards and locked doors, not the kind of welcoming most businesses desire. Perhaps they'll rent to a protection agency.

Anonymous said...

Barber shop would work too.

Anonymous said...

Look on the bright side, there is a Dunkin Donuts just across the street.

Anonymous said...

Even Air Products is doing this on their campus. Sign of the times.

Anonymous said...

Did you read where someone posted the Call is hosting another employee "conference" at Symphony Hall. Some say to announce more lay-offs. Very very sad for folks who remember the paper as a once grand lady. owned by the Miller family.

Anonymous said...

"HAZLETON, Pa. (AP) — About 15,000 households and businesses in Hazleton are under a boil water advisory after a worrisome bacteria was discovered in the water supply.

The Hazleton City Authority issued the boil advisory Saturday night after coliform bacteria was discovered during routine testing. Coliform bacteria could be an indicator of another, more harmful bacteria in the water."

Mr. Molovinsky,
Did you see this? Don't you wonder if our water also had
coliform during that last storm?

ironpigpen said...

How about a "private" business that relies on government subisides to meet the payroll?

Anonymous said...

This is all pretty bizarre and scary stuff.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:56,

No cause for alarm. It's just another day in Allentown - The City With No Limits!

Brought to you by the Pawlowski Administration. Just remember, "Pay To Play" is the only way.

So keep voting that Progressive Liberal (Democrat) straight party ticket --- Yes, You Can!

Because Hope and Change must continue, the (wrecking) job is not finished.

As for the empty office space down at The Morning Call --- I think a "Re-Elect Obama 2012" campaign office would be best for the organization of the community and country, in general, at this point in time.

Chris Casey said...

I would like to put a twelve lane bowling center downtown. Think they have space there?

michael molovinsky said...

actually there used to be two bowling ally's downtown, perhaps i'll do a piece on them this winter.

Anonymous said...

Isn't today Wednesday Oct. 13th?
Is this week old news appearing tonight for the first time or did this accident just occur?

The following story appears on the Call's Web site tonight.

Home > Lehigh Valley News > Breaking News
Police closes northbound 309 after accident
Driver's injuries unknown after car flipped.

8:24 p.m. EDT, October 13, 2010


Police shut down the northbound lanes of Route 309 at its intersection with Route 378 in Upper Saucon at 8 p.m. Thursday night, after a car flipped over on its roof, blocking both lanes of traffic.

The injuries of the driver were unknown, said the supervisor for the Lehigh County Communications Center, who said he was not permitted to use his name.

The driver got out of the vehicle by himself, the supervisor said. Emergency medical services were not yet on scene, he said.

According to radio reports, the Honda Civic lay on its roof in the intersection.