Oct 17, 2010

Death to Israel

Seventeen thousand people packed a soccer stadium in Bint Jbeil, southern Lebanon, to listen to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad say that the Zionist enemy will be driven from Palestine. Death to Israel shouts could be heard two miles away in Israel. Continuation of the building moratorium in Jerusalem would not dim those shouts.


Anonymous said...

It's a good thing you are not a sports fan, Mr. Molovinsky.

In a travel advisory issued early last week by the offical team website of English Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur --- the Star of David / Israel national flag WILL NOT BE PERMITTED inside the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium in the Italian Alps when Spurs travel to the continent to face Inter Milan in the UEFA Champions League this week.

Tottenham Hotspur, of course, have long been a club known to have a fair (read - large) amount of Jewish supporters.

From what I am seeing so far, it looks as if this decision was made not by the Union of European Football Associations, but rather the Italian authorities, themselves.


Anonymous said...

From what I have read in the comment sections of on-line reports and blogs, the standard European Progressive Liberal seems to find the Israel flag to be "provocative".

In other words, bringing the Star of David banner to a football match is guaranteed to incite racist chanting in the crowd.

So, the flag must be banned, according to Progressive Liberal logic.

Meanwhile, today in Italy, Inter Milan's match away in Cagliari was stopped very early on when the crowd began to target Cameroon World Cup striker SAMUEL ETO'O of Inter.

Via the Public Address system, the ref threatened to cancel the match unless the chanting ceased; eventually the game was restarted.

Eto'o later scored the only goal as Inter won 1-0.