Aug 11, 2010

Internationale de Futbol


gary ledebur said...

Oh no! MM is supporting international futbol? This is outrageous. I go to this blog to be reminded of the 1950s when kids played manly games using their hands as God intended, kept themselves clean and obeyed the rules. The next thing will be MM supporting government run nursing care--oh wait.........

michael molovinsky said...

gary, i would not refer to gracedale and cedarbrook as "government run nursing care", as in the new federal health care regulation. both these nursing homes are local historical institutions which started out as county "poor houses"; actually some of the first functions of both lehigh and northampton county.

although not a fan myself, allentown has a growing south american population with a passion towards the sport.

Anonymous said...

Soccer is like track, field, and every other Olympic sport - I care once every 4 years and only because it's Countries competing instead of teams.

Other than that Soccer is the most brutally boring sport on the planet.

ironpigpen said...

Anon 9:31,

Let me guess :

You will watch a 1-0 baseball game...

(one team had two infield hits and the other team had none; the only run came about on a suicide squeeze play. In the 14th inning.)

...and then call it a pitcher's classic, right?

PS --- Can I safely assume you find Golf sincerely more entertaining than soccer?

...what about Ice Curling?


michael molovinsky said...

mr. ledebur, rolf oeler submitted a three part comment in which he takes exception with your comment. an excerpt:
"After the 90 minutes are up and, eventually, when you are released from the hospital --- my team will be sincerely interested to have you expand your thoughts on "manly games"."

rolf, i think gary was trying to make a funny.. in truth, both he and I might well need the hospital just from climbing the grandstand steps to watch a match, much less play.

ironpigpen said...

I must say, once again, I have learned yet another lesson from the local master of tradition, culture and history, however, here today.

I AM quite content to speak to a modest 100 or so foreigners a day. It's neat to see Russian, Greek, Hebrew alphabet, etc., used in the searches. The broken English and spelling is rather entertaining, as well.

There is a fair amount of local history that gets ignored. With all the new transplants, does anybody even know who the Pennsylvania Stoners would be (or were) and what is the legacy?

There are definitely guys like Mr. Csongradi (who can't last forever) around who deserve some respect.

But who's gonna do it?

I guess it's alot like soccer. No one ever really wants to be the goalkeeper - the goal-scorers get all the girls! But, a team always need some idiot dumb enough to stand between the sticks, as the English would say.

You do it all the time, Mr M --- if you didn't bring things up, particulary historical stuff..., my foreign friends are going to start having names dropped about some people they never have nor ever will hear of again!

michael molovinsky said...

rolf, to answer your question (which i didn't publish), i chose that picture strictly on photographic appeal. i have no knowledge or even interest in hockey or soccer, however, i realize the effort (from my boxing posts) that you put into both those blogs and that they must be treats to those interested in those sports.

your stoner question. i have a guess.... years ago some friends from high school days played rugby , as memory serves me it was around 1975, making them around 30 at the time

Anonymous said...

It just so happens that Europeans -- people with whom you probably share some DNA -- are crazy for soccer, too.

Actually, the whole rest of the world likes soccer. Thanks for this post. It shows you to be open minded.

Anonymous said...

People say that a game is boring when they do not understand it.

That is, except for golf. We all understand it and it truly is boring.