Jul 29, 2010

Towne Dealt Good Hand

Jake Towne was never going to get very many Jewish votes. Although Jews remain firmly in the Democratic aisle, here in the valley, Charlie Dent is very popular with many Jewish voters. What Jake Towne did get today is the headline,* which he would have never received without this controversy. With Jews such a small percentage of the population, about 2% nationally, he may even inadvertently profit numerically from an alleged anti-Semitic association.** Publicity wise, it certainly was a good day for the band Poker Face. I don't believe a third party candidate, in such a nationally funded campaign, need worry about being politically incorrect.

*Headline in hardcopy paper
** I have no reason to believe that Jake Towne is anti-Semitic.


Anonymous said...

MM -

I'm a Dent supporter, but I'm sickened by the attacks on Towne. I'll admit I don't know much about Towne or PokerFace, but what I've heard so far is not enough to make me believe Towne is anti-Semitic.

We all know that Charlie Dent doesn't want Towne in the debate and Callahan wants him there because he sees Towne hurting Dent. I get that.

But I cannot accept any public official, politician, or political party trying to bully third-party candidates out of debates. That's wrong. The only criteria for debate participation should be whether the candidate qualifies to be on the ballot.

That some would make an allegation of anti-Semitism for political purposes is also wrong. It is the politics of personal destruction that keep so many people away from running for office and turn off so many voters.

I am a super-voting Republican and Charlie Dent has lost my vote over this. There is no way I'll vote for Towne or Callahan, but I expected more out of Charlie.

I'm sure some will charge that I am a Callahan plant and chide me for not signing my name. But I have no need to be personally attacked by those wishing to defend the tactics being used in this race.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 9:32, charlie dent will get my vote in november, but i'm also opposed to towne's rights as a candidate being disenfranchised

Anonymous said...

If you doubt Towne's anti-Semitism just get a listen to his interview this morning with Gunther on WAEB. Towne is also historically deficient.

Anonymous said...

Morning Call published about 5 letters today supporting Callahan's position that Towne should be allowed to debate. I might even agree with them if not for the paper's lack of historical knowlege. A quick bit of research would reveal many times Democrats kept serious candidates from debating in their soirees.

Anonymous said...

I think if he is a qualified candidate on the ballot, he (Towne) should be allowed to debate with the other two candidates, Callahan and Dent.

I, the voter with a measure of intelligence, am allowed to bear in mind who wants to issue letters of marque to deal with Somali pirates and who invites a band like Poker Face to perform for them at campaign events before I visit the polling place on election day.


Anonymous said...

I know nothing about Mr.Towne.He stays out of the public eye.If he enjoys Poker Face lyrics that's fine with me.He can run for office if he want's.But keep him off the debate floor because there are serious questions to be asked of Mr. Callahan.A debate will take the heat off Callahan so he won't have to explain his Obama clone status

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:26 said:

"A quick bit of research would reveal many times Democrats kept serious candidates from debating in their soirees."


That is why these tactics by Charlie Dent are so disappointing. It is EXACTLY what the Democrats do - smear and stop debate.

Just because the democrats do it, doesn't make it right. I expect more from Charlie.