Jul 28, 2010

Open Mike

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Molovinsky,
Re: Sunday's Call sewage story.
Does this report actually mean the state will come in and not only examine the way Allentown handles its sewage but fine the city for future violations?

michael molovinsky said...

i would guess the city would be given a grace period to show that it's working toward conforming to the newer guidelines.

gary ledebur said...

To all MM's friends of capitalism:

"BP fired its CEO, Tony Hayward. He received a settlement of $18 million. Boy, that'll teach him."

LVCI said...

Rather then leaning towards fines I think the state is preferring to resolve the problems by funding improvements to eliminate sewer water getting into streams in the 1st place. Here are some of the FY2010 items:

(1) Installing a $6M Flow Equalization Tank in the hopes of eliminating the discharge of untreated sewage to the County's waterways during wet weather.

(2) Reconstructing LCA's old Western Weisenberg Township Wastewater Treatment Plant that was shut down in Aug. 2006 at a cost of $2.9M. This would eliminate up to 40,000 gallons a day.

(3) In Vera Cruz 99 septic tanks out of 266 were defective. Another 130 considered to be malfunctioning. So they're getting a sewer lines out in out there. $3.2M

(4) Replacing a floating Anaerobic Digester Cover (whatever that is) at Kline's Island Allentown for $1M



According to this MC article: Lower Macungie has been going door to door looking for illegal diversions of rainwater to the sewer system by way of sump pumps, roof spouts, and driveway and yard drains.... Alburtis and Macungie already have said home inspections in their boroughs are inevitable.

There was already talk of turning the pretreatment plant in Fogelsville to an all together full treatment plant and expanding storage tanks to accommodate heavy flow rates during rain. That would eliminate many 10,000's gallons of flow into Kline's Island facilities.

Here is an excellent report on the over all view of the situation

Bottom line is the state is not out to ding Allentown. They're trying to fix this coming from several angles so they don't have to fine.

It appears Allentown wouldn't bear the total burden alone if there were to be some sort of fines.

With any luck, after those projects are completed this will all be history.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, let's rid of Capitalism.

Let's start re-adjusting everyone's salary so that everything can be more equitable across the board globally.

Let's start with Ledebur's salary.


I heard the oil well that blew up in the Gulf got a safety award from the Obama Administration...

...what teaches the Obama Administration?

I also heard President Obama took about a million dollars in campaign contributions from BP.

Shouldn't Obama be forced give the money away to charity for some kind of lesson or something?


Anonymous said...

This sewage thing is a big deal. When someone flushes in LMT, it ends up in Allentown. With all of that development in the townships, there's nothing that Allentown can do to say, "no more."

I heard that when Allentown is at capacity at the sewage treatment facility, they just open the valves and send raw sewage into the Lehigh River.

Add to this the "black water" problems in Upper Milford from failing septic systems (every time it rains) that pollute the Little Lehigh and therefore the Lehigh River and Allentown's water supply.

There is a lot to uncover here, but most of it is floating down our Lehigh Valley rivers and contaminating our water supply.