May 6, 2010

Men's Stuff, The Seabees

Armed Forces in WW2 were dependent upon the construction speed and skills of the Navy Seabees to move their efforts forward. In December of 1942, the 35th U.S. Naval Construction Battalion embarked for the South Pacific. They would divide into two teams and build airstrips on Espiritu in the New Hebrides and on Banika in the Russell Islands.

After a rehabilitation leave in New Zealand, the battalion returned to Banika before being reassigned to Manus in the Admiralty Islands. They would arrive on Manus shortly after it's capture from the Japanese, and build ammunition dumps, warehouses and The Naval Headquarters. After 24 months in the South Pacific war zone, they would return to San Francisco on Thanksgiving 1944 for leave.


gary ledebur said...

...the "greatest generation" according to Tom Brokow. I knew one SeaBee that had the fullest of lives----wonderful marriage, great children, grandchildren and even lived to see a great grandchild. I think the lesson here is work hard, walk every day, love your family, go to church (or whatever) regularly and always find the good in people!

Anonymous said...

combat engineers have been an integral part of any military force since warfare itself began