Apr 30, 2010

Wagon Trail Report

The Wagon Trail cleanup in several ways remains a work in progress. Greg Weitzel and myself actually cooperated on this project. I agreed that no power or heavy tools would be used, and he arranged for the City to pick up the rubbish that would be collected. Andrew Kleiner, young liberal environmental science student, and author of the blog Remember, got to meet conservative Republican Robert Romancheck, who has a doctorate in Environmental Science. Joining Romancheck and Michael Schware doing the physical work, was the mystery woman. I only know her initials, and she insists on remaining anonymous. She has worked at previous park projects as well. What I suspected was a large rug covered in dirt, turned out to be a large pile of dirt with a few pieces of rug. All debris was removed from the trail. The large tree which blocks the last third of the trail remains. It's removal will require chain saws and City approval. The photo, taken by Andrew Kleiner, shows Bryan Kleiner on the left and Dr. Romancheck in the middle.


Anonymous said...

I think it is interesting to note that 200 some-odd years ago, say, just after the American Revolution, if a bunch of private citizens found a tree blocking a public trail they wanted to access...

...they would probably never even think twice about standing in line and filling out forms and then waiting to receive blessed government approval.

The citizens probably would just go ahead and remove the damn tree and get on with life.

Of course, now we have big government to do everything for us.

What a Progressive society we are.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 3:47, you raise an interesting point; however, there was "almost" some legal consequences to the last project at the boat landing.

anon, directions to the wagon trail are included in the post last week announcing the event, go for it.

gary ledebur said...

MM: Great work---getting dirty, sweating and doing good. Helping make the world a little better, bit by bit and a "mystery woman" to top it off. Life is good!

michael molovinsky said...

G.L, my curt writing style often lends itself to misunderstandings. I did no physical work on the wagon trail. the mystery person happens to be a woman. fyi, i was (am) willing to accept "political" comments on the previous jerusalem synagogue post.

Anonymous said...

Good work, Michael. The city needs more efforts like this. This is the type of effort that ensures that your portion of the universe remains as you like it. Your organizing and promoting it is commendable, but makes me wonder, why is it that you did no actual work on the trail?

michael molovinsky said...

i'm mending slowly from some doctoring. i did "work" on the previous projects, and hope to on the future ones.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, big government does not impress me and never will.

My brother says government should keep the roads paved and keep people from shooting each other, but not much after that.

"The large tree...removal will require chain saws and City Approval."


Since I only ever payed so much attention to doctors and am too old to start, anyway...

1. Molovinsky provides the chainsaw
2. Anon 3:47 provides the labor to operate the chainsaw and stack the wood accordingly
3. A and M will split the cost of gasoline and two-cycle oil
4. A and M will appear in court as co-defendents and split the cost for joint council.

To demonstrate sincerity, I resisted the almost-unbearable temptation to make jokes about proposals for dealing with retaliation from Union thugs.

So, should we show up Big Government together, or what, Mr. Molovinsky?

(I will never forget watching TEN city workers - including two supervisors in casual business attire - plant ONE tree on 12th and Hamilton a few years back heading into work --- I wish I would have taken a picture for proof.)

ANON 3:47

(aka Rolf Oeler)

michael molovinsky said...

rolf, i selected one comment out of several which i think conveys your feelings. my "go for it" was ill advised, even in regard to tongue and check responses. i had agreed that no power equipment would be used.

Anonymous said...

I can sincerely understand that.


Another word not necessarily in the vocabulary of a late 18th century citizen of Northampton Town.

:) RO

Guy Williams said...

Good work. Sounds like the removal of the tree blocking the trail would be a big plus.Is it possible the watershed group could help.Worth further acts to find solution. Not many know of that particular gem in our park system.Bravo for putting the focus on it.