Apr 29, 2010

The Blogger, Part 2

We here in the Valley are blessed to have the THE BLOGGER EXTRAORDINAIRE to both inform and conform us. Tirelessly attending one meeting after another, five nights a week, at the midnight hour he bestows praise upon the deserving and criticism upon the weak. Bending the truth like putty, faster than a speeding Lanta Bus, all opposing comments are dismissed as non sequiturs, personal attacks and off topic.......to be continued

The above is a reprint from my post of September 22, 2009, but little has changed with Bernie O'Hare, aka here as Jimmy Olsen. Yesterday, no less than three bloggers came under attack; myself, Michael Donovan and LVCI. My attack resulted from taking one of his chosen to task. Conveniently, after bashing me, an anonymous commentator came on Bernie's site, and added insults remarkably resembling comments that Bernie himself has made about me in the past.

Bernie constantly flatters some favorites, and likewise criticizes others. Yesterday's news about Lehigh County not completely depleting it's reserve funds in 2009 far exceeds The Morning Call's report. Bernie features beloved Donny boy on his blog today; with his best picture, press release statements and charts. At the same time there is not a single word about Ron Angle's newest awkward lawsuit, against his own father's estate, when he slipped on the ice visiting his father in 2008. Rest assure Bernie will compose a spin to make us dizzy. I will be accused of attacking people's integrity and calling them liars. Of course Bernie is less concerned with my integrity or reputation. Some people will comment that they prefer not to read these blog wars; fine, stop reading, nobody is forcing you. My blog has a few missions, confronting hypocrisy is one of them.
ADDENDUM: Bernie O'Hare, on one of this recent posts, writes the following comment to me today
Your comments are no longer welcome on this thread. You are unable to stick to the subject being discussed bc you are always caught up in your personal vendettas an petty grievances. This is not the place for personal attacks against ......
This is the classic O'Hare double talk, double standard to which this post addresses. Count on Bernie to deliver a fresh example day in and out. Bernie linked to a post because it was his favorite flavor of blog candy; a blogger he likes, attacking a politican he doesn't like, for bad manners; but my questions about the blogger's manners are off topic?
click here for Bernie's double talk, comment 36


Chris Casey said...

MM -
With one "somebody" being a glaring exception, I think Mr. Donovan, Mr. O'Hare, Mrs Varkony and yourself all contribute greatly to the discussion. I appreciate your feelings, but I have come to the conclusion after several years that to some extent it is pointless to solely focus on the things I disagree with others about.
For example, I strongly disagree with Bernie on Arlen Specter, but I accept that. It's only a bone of contention if I want it to be.
I'm sorry I missed the wagon trail clean up, I hear Bob Romanchek went crazy!

michael molovinsky said...

chris, first let me compliment you on your repeated attempts at blogger reconciliation. my issue with bernie is not a difference of opinion about certain people, that i readily accept. the issue is the tactics he employs in deflecting criticism of those he promotes; those tactics are intellectually dishonest.

bob worked hard on the wagon trail. i will post on the cleanup this week.

Anonymous said...

O'Hare has always been clearly jealous of High Culture, Free Admission


Anonymous said...


michael molovinsky said...

anon 10:41, you are a complete moron. you're half a moron for commenting anonymously, but your "meow" makes you a complete moron.

bernie falsely accused me (twice) on his "pam varkony" post yesterday of rejecting comments on a regular basis. there is no truth to that at all; i publish almost all the comments. very occasionally, when i reject a comment from someone, if possible, i provide an explanation back channel.

However, i only published mr. moron's "meow" comment as a vehicle to discuss bernie's false accusation about my comment practice. in the future, i will not publish meaningless one word comments, such as from mr. moron.

Anonymous said...

Explanation back is the fact, Jack.

Consistent policy from day to day, Jay.

This is Molovinsky's tune.

Mr. Molovinsky has occasionally found it necessary to reject some of my commentary from time to time.

I have never failed to receive a quick message noting rationale behind the decision.

I particularly appreciate the consistency with respect to policy here.

An umpire CAN call one pitch a strike and then the exact same pitch a ball the next time --- but many in the peanut gallery who are paying close attention WILL begin to get rowdy sooner or later.

Good umpires know this.

Fuzzy Bunnies, in my opinion, do not.


Anonymous said...

Can't we just all get along?

I hate it when you bloggers start attacking each other. Have you bored with attacking Mayor Pawlowski and other public servants you don't like but don't know that well.

I like reading your blog because I believe it gives me some accurate idea of what is going on the the region. But, when you start attacking each other, I just want to ignore you.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 1:24, anybody i "attack" i either know much better than you think, or at least know the issue my "attack" is based upon. furthermore, i do not dislike these people on a personal level. some of us express ourselves in a more direct, perhaps "honest" way. apparently you prefer propaganda, such as bernie's postings on cunningham; how many times did you read how cunningham "makes running the county look so easy" how many pictures of him has bernie printed in the last year?

i'm glad you sometimes find this blog informative.

guy williams said...

Just dropped in for a moment in hopes of reading another well written piece about our past.No luck,more tit for tat competitions.I said it in another room, Come on guys and gals lets raise the bar.Mike i like it that you dont take any ones crap, even though we dont agree on many issues.Even though the national news is not so hot im sure we can find local issues that require constructive debate.Ron Angles soap opera and Mayor Ed doing his homework at a girl scout recital in my view dont require Ken starr or an impeachment.Thanks for your blog its gives me so much fodder.And i chew like a cow.