Mar 1, 2010

Weekly Reader

When I was growing up my parents would receive both The Morning Call and The Evening Chronicle.* This was their main source of news. Television in the late 40's and early 50's had national and world news, but there was no local programing in Allentown. The antenna on our roof would receive the three network (ABC, NBC, and CBS) stations from Philadelphia, and that was it. The morning and evening papers provided the local news, in addition to national and world stories. Hess Brothers and Leh's would compete with multiple full page Ads. We children also had our own little paper, Weekly Reader, handed out in the classroom every Friday. I think of it when I get the thin Morning Call on Mondays.

* The Morning Call and Evening Chronicle were both published by same company, Call-Chronicle Newspapers.


gary ledebur said...

Michel: I too read the Weekly Reader. I believe it helped make me the curious person I am today, particularly in regard to government. It was started in 1902 and today it is in color, on-line as well as hard copy. It is now owned by the Readers Digest Corp. Thanks for the memories.

Anonymous said...


We recently presubscribed to the paper, when it arrived we didn’t recognize it. Now it is not unusual for the day old paper to be taken out of the plastic bag and put directly into recycling. There is a way to make the paper newsworthy(and perhaps financially viable) but they just don’t seem to have clue. Instead of filling the paper with stuff people can access faster on the internet they should print more original stories and opinion. Concentrate on Lehigh Valley news, things are happening here, people are interested.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

The Weekly Reader, The Evening Chronicle, The Call Chronicle...

Oh, the trip down memory lane.


Too bad the contemporary Morning Call is absolute rubbish.

Their finanacil woes are truly their own fault.

The product they market is garbage.

Nobody wants to read the crap they write.

In fact, it is hysterical how they refuse to change!

Don't worry. Obama will bail out the newspapers.

He DESPERATELY needs the favorable propaganda reports.

Anonymous said...

Times are different now. Boo hoo hoo.

Change or die.

michael molovinsky said...

thank you 6:39, I see that you have started your day of internet harassment. so ironic that you call yourself a victim

Anonymous said...

When did I ever call myself a victim? No victims here, only volunteers!