Mar 18, 2010

Open Mike

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Cpl DeLong said...

Mr Molovinsky, I was just wondering if by chance you knew of a steak shop on Hamilton Blvd nrxt to PPL back in the 50's-60's? It was my grandparents and I always try and see if anybody still remembers it? I don't really know all that much about it so anything can help! Thanks for all the great history and perspectives on this once Great City. Thank You for your time.

michael molovinsky said...

sorry, i don't recall that. on 8th st, right behind the farr building was the look steak sandwich shop, which was there for many years. after the owner retired, the new owner moved it to the corner of 8th and linden. it is now a hispanic eatery. apparently a car ran into the building, and it was closed for quite awhile. the only steak shops i recall was the look and the brass rail. i will ask around about a shop on hamilton, near the ppl.

Anonymous said...

With some spectacular weather currently being enjoyed and expected to continue...

...the Bulldozer must be surely be Progressing nicely with its preordained street, er, um, passive, high-speed bicycle path construction projects condusive to irreplacable natural charm and beauty.

I imagine General Trexler is quite proud.

- Chairman and Chief Refreshment Officer (CRO)

Bicycles In The Park Advocate Constituency For City With No (Spending?) Limits