Mar 23, 2010

Greg Weaver Tribute

I had made arrangements to use the Hotel Grand, they have an old bar from the turn of century. I also arranged to borrow a super 8 bolex camera. Greg's girlfriend(Fran) was to be the flirt. The camera owner, the Grand owner and Fran all changed their minds. I shot behind Greg's studio on 10th St. using a kodak brownie movie camera and a woman friend of mine. Greg is the shooter. John Lotte is the victim.

reprinted from May 23, 2008


Anonymous said...

My mother, who moved away a long, long time ago, thinks it is wonderful you are doing some pieces on Greg Weaver, Mr. Molovinsky.

My mom remembers Mr. Weaver as a "incredibly sweet" and "extremely talented".

She also noted he was "very generous" to crank out pieces of art for people.

My mom will acknowledge Mr. Weaver was not a perfect man, but wants to know exactly who is a perfect person?

My mom still has a pastel and a watercolor of Mr. Weaver, so, yes, he does live on through his art as someone mentioned at this blog previously.

My sister has had caricature Mr. Weaver did of her for thirty-some odd years now.

My mom had a big fish painting done by Weaver which was stolen some years ago from her business.

So, Weaver's art must have had at least some value if someone was willing to risk getting busted for it!

Anonymous said...

I would make the case for an "Allentown School" of local artists, active in the 70ties thru the early 80ties, of which Weaver was the "Dean". I'm sure I'll forget some people, so forgive me up-front. Also forgive me for spelling errors. The "Allentown School" would include, Weaver as the focal point, Greg Halprine, Mark Byer, Al Erdacy, Barnaby Ruhe, Gary Hassey, George Wolle, Michael Adams, Richard Greg { then Directer of the Allentown Art Museum }, Karen Carolson, dancer, Jessica Lenard, Larry Barkan, photographer, Fran Wykosky, Fran Medcaff Weaver, Paul Willistine, impresario, Peter Ruhf, Jack Ruhf, mad poet and others. It was a f..ken' great time and a great scene around Weavers several lofts. Then there was Weavers band, he called it " industrial music", Los Domminos. No one had to make it happen or give it a geeked-up name. No government on any level was gonna give it a penny, thats for sure. Allentown hasn't been that cool since! Thanks for the very hip little film Mr. Molavinsky. Well done, thats the way it was, every day. I hate to think i'm living in the past, but s..t, I miss it. Weaver was the glue that held it together. Long live Weaver!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good video, but not much of an explanation.
If you get a chance, a little history for us "outsiders" would be much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Very cool stuff. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

That would be Bruce Halprine I think.