Mar 21, 2010

Allentown Memories

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From low income sections of center city, to expensive suburbs, Allentown and the Lehigh Valley is becoming home to more and more outsiders. I'm afraid the time will soon come when local memorabilia will have little appeal. Fortunately, for those interested, some impressive collections still exist. This past year Robert Bungerz published Allentown Remembered, documenting his outstanding collection of historical postcards and other objects. David Bausch, former County Executive and authority on Automobile Art, is also a expert on things Allentown. Then there are the many small collections, home of the hidden treasures. Above is an early aerial photograph of the Allentown Fair. Those interested in the recent commotion concerning the 19TH Street Theater District may find the upper right of the photograph interesting. There is no theater, there are no houses on Saint George Street and most of the buildings seem to be garages and automobile in nature (don't tell Auto-Zone). This gem is probably from the late teens or early 20's, and comes from the Thomas Reed Collection. Thomas is aka Z1pyro, long time expert shooter for Zambelli Firework Company. He retired several years ago, and we who appreciate fireworks, notice his departure.

reprinted from July 9. 2008


Anonymous said...

"I am afraid the time will come when local memorabilia will have little appeal."

I am afraid that time is already here, Mr. Molovinsky.


Katie Bee said...

Whoya callin' an outsider?

michael molovinsky said...

newcomer would be a better choice of words. please keep in mind that this post concerns appreciation of local memorabilia, and is not a political or social statement. fyi, i am a long time collector, and once had an antique store on 7th street.

Anonymous said...

An an 'outsider' who arrived in Allentown in 1972 I agree with your assessment. Part of the lack of interest in all things Allentown is due to 'outsider' ownership of our local media (with the possible exception of WFMZ. But even they seem as interested in boasting of the cable coverage in 3 states, etc). Gone are the days when local titans of the media, including the Millers at the Call-Chronicle newspapers, in tandem with 'local' personalities on radio, gave voice to local issues and traditions. Local radio 'news' people can't even seem to properly pronounce the names of our communities and polical leaders. Such an embarassment. Where are Al Raber, Jim Hertzler, Matt Kerr, Brian Downs, et al?

Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken, your friend the fireworks shooter assisted several of us who shot Greg Weavers ashes high up in a beautiful explosion one cold and crisp winters night on South Mountain, just after Weaver passed away. Some were ashes were saved to put on a cemetery plot Fran owned next to where her farther was buried. A very cool send-off for a very hip fellow.