Feb 16, 2010

Public Meetings

There are two upcoming public meetings. Wednesday evening, Allentown City Council will approve the Bike Path Plan which will enable the cyclists to whiz through, and between the parks. Pedestrians will have to wear helmets to protect themselves.
The second meeting is in Easton Thursday evening. Lanta will tolerate legally required public input about their plan to destroy business on Northampton Street, by building a Transfer Terminal three blocks away. This Terminal will share space with the Al Bundy High School Sports Museum. I have included no details of when and where the meetings are, because they don't really care what you think anyway.


Anonymous said...

From what I have read at other blogs, some have high hopes for the Park and what City Council's plans can ultimately do :


"If the trail network is implemented in the proper way in Allentown...an entire new crop of businesses could open up that would cater to trail goers...

Such businesses, with the trail network could signficantly change the image of Allentown...

We need politicians and citizens that are willing to step up to the plate, take a swing and aim for the fences...

All of this, in combination with Coca-Cola Park and a possible new waterfront arena could really change things."

"Can We Get Some Jobs Please"


Everyone should stop being such a nay-saying cynic.

Go Bulldozers.

Defeat Racism.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 10:08, the supposition that opposition to this plan is based on racism is untrue and divisive. should the city park system be an interconnected bike trail? not in my opinion. allentown's separate parks have served the city well for 80 years. the notion that this plan will have economic spinoff for the city is also wishful thinking. in my opinion that is a baloney sandwich, which has been served too often in allentown

Anonymous said...


The trail network CAN NOT be expected to lead to an economic explosion to save the City With No Limits?

Say it ain't so, Mr. Mo!

Anonymous said...

Dennis Pearson is correct! The
East Side park situation has
been ignored or neglected
by a long time.

Dennis needs to bring residents and photos to the meetings and speak out

Anonymous said...

We're confused. We thought the city
had the funds to dig up those green meadows for 12 foot wide bike paths.

Anonymous said...

It's a good political ploy to enter the "race" card into any protest. Folks scatter less they be so labeled.
Allentown is a multi-cultural
mecca. Has anyone ever heard of someone else being halted at the entrance to any park?

Anonymous said...

Oh to have a been a fly on the wall to see if Weitzel handed out any resumes while in Seattle.

Anonymous said...

So, if "kids and signs play well for any media that would be there", to quote the email that was allegedly circulated by the Mayor's wife, Mrs. Pawlowski, last summer...

And, given how certain strategies and tactics apparently advoctaed and employed this past summer by some are available on the internet for all to examine these days...

Would there any credibility to any theories supposing that the poor Bulldozer digging up the Parks is actually nothing more than a hapless victim being used as a political pawn by those seeking to advance a certain particular agenda with respect to the City With No Limits' once-magnificent park system?

I thought I saw a man walking down the street today with a T-shirt saying :


Anonymous said...

I thought the Art's Walk would save Allentown.

Scott Armstrong

Looking To Escape said...

the notion that this plan will have economic spinoff for the city is also wishful thinking

I'll be the bomb thrower.
2010 is showing the complete disconnect Democrats have from day to day reality.
They really think Intel, Google and Motorola are going to pile into Allentown because we have connected parks?
The Mayor's office and The Parks Dept positions need to be eliminated. There are enough people who wander around aimlessly in the city, they can be hired at far less cost to offer the same loopy plans.
It's time to think about leaving this place.

Anonymous said...

Eliminate the Mayor's Office?

Don't be silly.

What the situation clearly calls for is a renewed, concentrated effort centering around Power Point presentations loaded to the hilt with focus-group-tested terminology from the Mayor, the Parks Director and City Council.

The general citizenry is probably not sophisticated enough to fully appreciate these wonderful Park plans and the multitude of irreplaceable benefits they will bring and...

...the general citizenry probably did a poor job of understanding the (mis?)information provided by our magnanimous city and park officials in charge of this project (debacle?) in the first place.

Free the Exploited Bulldozer?

Don't be ridiculous.

Bulldozers were quite literally made to tear up once-world class park systems.

Bulldozers LIKE destroying nature's charm and beauty if given the opporutnity.

It's what they do - it's in their DNA.

Anonymous said...

If Pearson would actually look at the plan he would see that ALL the east side parks, including Canal, Keck, Irving, and the Reservoir are included.

Anonymous said...

The trail plan is a significant move forward for Allentown. It will have a positive impact on the economy of the city and the region. City Council should support it.

You might think about getting on a bike some day and having some fun, feeling the wind and getting some exercise. It might improve your perspective if not your disposition!

michael molovinsky said...

anon 7:06, actually when i walk in the park, i do not want to have to worry about getting hit by a bike. your comment represents the arrogance of your group

Looking To Escape said...

You might think about getting on a bike some day and having some fun, feeling the wind and getting some exercise. It might improve your perspective if not your disposition!

You're a person that has become way too comfortable.
The city had to let go of employees, is running a deficit, has little on the horizon for economic development that won't involve millions of tax dollars. To infer a connected park system is going to make a dramatic difference to that picture is about as sarcastic a statement as "hope and change".