Dec 24, 2009

Back To The Future

It's the year 2015 and Mayor Guridy has just received the long anticipated study from A&P Associates. Advice from Afflerbach and Pawlowski doesn't come cheap, $475,000, but as City Council President Michael Schlossberg said,"Sometimes it pays to invest in the best.". Some of the recommendations to revive Hamilton Street are nothing less than brilliant. Bus transfer stops are to be placed back on Hamilton Street between 7th and 9th, creating foot traffic and enhancing a sense of security. Meter rates will be reduced, once again accepting quarters and other coins. The old Allentown Brew Pub, closed since the KOZ ended in 012, will be torn down to create a convenient pocket parking lot. The renovations would be implemented by the Butz Company, and as is the policy, no estimates will be provided. Guridy will make the announcement early next week, and a translation in English will be available.

reprinted from March 2008


Betty said...

Can we connect this revitalized area directly to the parks? Please, please. Is there some survey I can fill out so as I can be part of this planning process too? Oh pretty please.

petelewnes said...

last year I was to become president of City Council...why have I been looked over...ha!

thanks Mike...hope you had a great holiday


michael molovinsky said...

pete, actually the shadow mayor promoted you; director of community and economic development.

i would like to take this opportunity to differentiate my issue with bureaucracies and those currently in positions. for the most part i think they're doing their job, i simply don't think the city should be involved in so many facets of private property.

petelewnes said...

i was more concerned about myself and my placement in the future...I take this all in the spirit of a bit of tongue and cheek as I believe you do.

Pete :)

Chris Casey said...

If I wasn't so aware of the lack of education by Center City Voters, I might say that Guridy has no chance. But with crack operatives like Mike Fleck out there, I will dare to be racially insensitive and. Mayor Guridy? It could happen. And I might have a chance of working behind the scenes at the vatican to elect a pope. I guess it all just depends on who gets the highly valued endorsement of Bill Fibba.

Anonymous said...


No comprende.


Por favor.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 1:20, actually i wish not to make an issue about the city's diversity. we are now very much of a hispanic community, and i expect our public communications to become increasingly bilingual. i can tell you, from many conversations, that julio is held in very high regard by that segment of our community