Oct 15, 2009

Was Parkway Story Squashed?

When I saw the story on the 5 O'clock news, I realized I would need no tuxedo for the Emmy's, but they did cobble together a short piece and air it. A friend who stays up very late, emailed me that the segment did not appear on the 10 PM broadcast. I have confirmed, as The Banker wrote, that there is no reference at all on the web page, even on page two with stories about bread rising. Makes me wonder....


Anonymous said...

You mean a Channel 69 videographer came to the Parkway taped you and then the segment never apepared on the station news? We would also suspect the story was quashed.

michael molovinsky said...

no, the story did appear, but only once at 5:00 pm. at the end of the short segment, i comment that i hope the city does the right thing and starts caring for the WPA structures. (paraphrase)

it's not uncommon for them not to use footage or everything event they film, it is unusual to run it only once. at it seems odd to me that it did not appear on the web site. (although i do know they usually repeat stories on air, i'm not that familiar with the website.)

the city and the trexler trust is not thrilled at the spotlight i have shown on the wpa neglect. i may just be paranoid, but i really wanted to use that picture of someone stepping on riley's head.

Anonymous said...

It's true that no news station can re-broadcast every story. Never enough time. Maybe more commercials go "in" at later broadcasts too.
The Trexler Trustees should be embarrassed. Not just because of the WPA neglect but their $26M
trust investment loss.
So many Allentown residents would be honored to serve FREE on this foundation board.

Anonymous said...

I go to FMZ's website pretty frequently, they are normally very good at posting video clips. Not this time though. I agree with MM, it's fishy.

The Banker

Chris Casey said...

I am sending Rob Vaughn an email asking why the story is not on their webpage. he has answered me before, I hope he does this time as well.

michael molovinsky said...

an initial call to the station this morning replies that the absence from the web was an accidental oversight. i requested that the story be inserted on their web, and will see what happens

Chris Casey said...

Just sent this:

Hi Rob,
I was wondering why the stations short story about the old boat landing steps in the Little Lehigh Parkway is not on the WFMZ website. I wanted to post and share it on facebook with the other volunteers who worked Saturday but I can't find it. I enjoyed doing the work, and hope to get back out there to clear some more of it soon.

Please let me know if the footage will be available.

Thank you for your time.

Chris Casey XXX-XXX-XXXX

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just not that interesting. What you consider so damn important may pale in the face of elections, murders and teacher strikes.

Anonymous said...

Folks. Call Channel 69 and ask for the video clip to be posted.
Say you're a talent scout looking for good home town stories.

Chris Casey said...

Hey anon 10:32, who took your candy and beat you up? I like WFMZ, it does run its share of fluffy bunny stories, and it did run the story of the police dog and his valiant fight with cancer on every edition last night.
I'm glad they sent Jackie Shutack to cover him, they finally found a story where she couldn't misquote the interview.
They send a reporter to cover a dog with cancer, but only send a camera for pictures of an abandoned WPA park that would embarass the administration politically. Yep, I see the priorities are in order!

michael molovinsky said...

anon 10:32, actually the story is very important, but i must admit, neither the location or interview lend itself especially to the tv news. as i said before, it involved no motion, and the confines of the space didn't allow for many options with the camera shot.

chris, i felt it wasn't inappropriate sending just a cameraman, or even not using the story on later broadcasts, but it should definitely be on the website.

ironpigpen said...

Anon 10:32

It's Molovinsky's blog - he can write about whatever he wants whenever he wants.

(At least until Obama's Blog Czar dictates otherwise)

Is someone holding a gun to your head to make you visit this site or something?


1. Elections in Allentown are all but a done deal.

2. If you are so captivated with all the murders in Allentown, get your own blog and write about it.

3. Teacher strike is in Saucon Valley and they struck last year, too. So what makes THAT so damn interesting to a blogger whose blogsite is entitled "Molovinsky on Allentown"?

The Village Idoti said...

It's still not up on WFMZ's site yet. During study breaks last night, I scoured that site. I just looked at the site during my lunch break. Still nothing.

I hope it makes it to the website. You never know, the might re-broadcast it on the television. I saw that happen a few years ago.

Please pray for the eternal rest of Captain Lou.

Peace, ~~Alex

LVCI said...

Sorry MM. They just didn't have the time to squeeze this morning either.

MM you just need understand how tight for time WFMZ was with weather and traffic updates 3x's a half hour + the 'zany facts'. Hell they only have 3 hours!. Certainly not enough time to air your 50sec piece.

As far as the WFMZ webpage or YouTube site.. come on, be fair. They only have so much room.

Had your story been higher priority then...
*"Walmart Celebrates Store Expansion With Ribbon Cutting Donations",
* "Area Girls Get Makeovers For Make-A-Wish,"
* "NJ Man Strives to Make it Big in Show Biz",
* "Local Tattoo Offering Free Phillies Tattoos To Fans",
* "Gosselins Appear Together In Court For Divorce Hearing"

.. they might have had placement for yours.

Looks like your clip goes the same place as my interview a few years ago, my 2 online resumes, 1 hand delivered resume and a dozen or so of unanswered emails.

SORRY I got to run!!!

WFMZ's going to have a 2 hour special on tonight hosted by Tony Iannelli. It's called "Watching Paint Dry" Berks County Edition.

Good luck!