Sep 20, 2009

Getting Carpentered

There are many politico's who would rather not hear Paul Carpenter's voice on the other end of the phone. A few told me in the past they hoped not to be "Carpentered", meaning they didn't know if they would end up being flattered or battered until they got the morning paper. Carpenter has been kind towards me; He defended me against a NAACP official who implied my 2005 Platform contention that Allentown has become a poverty magnet was racist. My efforts to have the WPA stone structures put on the park department repair agenda were accomplished by the publicity his article generated. Today, Tony Phillips benefited from his perspective. Carpenter believes Tony's right to privacy was abused. His point of view is not much different than O'Hares, but Carpenter doesn't defend Tony by personally bashing those who feel differently. Although the news staff at The Morning Call has been reduced to a skeleton crew, thankfully, both Bill White and Paul Carpenter have been retained; That is, unless I end up in White's Hall of Fame, or get Carpentered.


Anonymous said...

This is your third post complaining about Ohare. Sorry, but you look petty. I hate when bloggers complain about each other.

Anonymous said...

There is NO DOUBT IN MY MIND that both Carpenter and White are one of THE MAIN reasons Allentown people (above the age of 45 years) have decided to stop subscribing to the Allentown Morning Call. Being "thrown a bone" now and then by tis duo, is far outweighed to the damage they have done to civil public discourse.


Anonymous said...

We get it. Your mad at Ohare. Now your just making an ass out of yourself with all these jabs.

Anonymous said...

In Carpenter, we have a person who has a lot of inner hate that never fails to surface in his writings. It is not disguised or softened by skillful writing. In White, we have a very sophmoric and juvenile columist, who does not fit the tradition of columnists who were employed at the Morning Call when the Miller family owned the paper. What both have in common is a world view that is constantly seen in racial terms, extremely politically correct (White), and very left wing.... more so White than Carpenter in the 'pinko' leaning department. Another commonality between the two men, is that they both enjoy the Allentown area quality of life compared to where they came from (blue collar New York; and New Jersey), but with a a disdain for the natives of the Lehigh Valley.


michael molovinsky said...

anon 9:46, i print your comment with much hesitation, for instance, i'm pretty sure carpenter is from the west coast. i've been reading both of them for a long time, and have not reached your conclusions.

michael molovinsky said...

dear anon 10:16, 12:39 and the one thinks i'm being foolish; the post was about paul carpenter. i mentioned o'hare to concede that there are others who feels tony's private life was invaded, but felt obligated to differentiate methods used.

today o'hare has a post impugning the woman's character. although lopez in spanish is like smith in english (even margarita is not unique) he has scoured legal records to make a case, or the appearance of one. in 2001 a margarita was arrested for drunk driving. last month a margarita received a parking ticket; not only does o'hare claim it's her, he suggests she was here to blackmail tony. although the woman moved away years ago, currently there is at least one other margarita in the allentown phone book, several m lopez's, and of course with cell phones, most don't even appear in the book anymore.

so my critical anon readers, this blog for the most part reinforces issues which i pursue; parking authority, lanta, wpa, fairview, koz, parks, etc. occasionally i must confront people in the process. go back and read bernie's new post, where he manipulates the reader with the notion that a drunken blackmailer was only "nearly assaulted", but ruined an otherwise promising mayoral opportunity for allentown. if after reading that post, if you still find his site informative, and this one petty, please stay there and follow his instructions carefully.

Volvo Driving Soccer Mom said...

Paul Carpenter isn't so bad. So what if he is opinionated? He is not politically correct, and I like that. Neither are you Mr Molovinsky, and I like that too.
It took me awhile, but I have come around to the share the "let it go" view. It's too bad we will probably be hearing about Mrs Lopez for a few more months as the court stuff starts up.

michael molovinsky said...

volvo mom, to my knowledge the statute of limitations expired and there will be no court case. i do agree that this issue, both with tony and bernie and i is becoming old hat.

michael molovinsky said...

volvo mom, i see from your new post on lvpoliblog that you were referring to a case which may be initiated by tony against the woman, my error

Anonymous said...

I think The Morning Call's catering to certain demographic groups have definitely angered some people and probably forever.

Case in point, I STOPPED paying any REAL attention to The Morning Call the Sunday I opened up the Sports Section and, for an NFL day, the Giants and the Jets EACH had a FULL PAGE for their game that afternoon JUST LIKE THE HOME-STATE EAGLES.

I understand about the changing demographics. What the MC fails to understand is that the Giants and Jets people who live here now can buy the SAME PAPERS from NYC they have been following all their lives right here in Allentown.

They can read their favorite sports writers still, why change to MC, the Johnny Come Lately? Besides, the NY people know that the MC is in PA and Eagles will always be priority!

I don't even know if they still give Giants, Jets and Eagles EQUAL coverage on Sunday because I DON'T BUY THEIR PAPER ANYMORE.

This is PENNSYLVANIA. Lose the NY teams coverage. Fill space with the Steelers, who are roughly six hours away but PA nonetheless, if you have to, instead.

MC wants that NYC demographic really bad, however. I doubt it is attainable, at least to the level the MC wants it to be. EVERYONE knows the NYC papers are in ALL the stores.

In my eyes, The Morning Call ABANDONED their base, Allentown and Lehigh Valley area, Pennsylvania, people.

They cater to transplants (and a specific agenda, to be polite, in my opinion)

I think even local liberals are NOT in love with all that catering to the transplants.

The MC VERY SELDOM splashes out to celebrate local history. That is a joke. I saw they had something for Macungie's birthday and I was honestly shocked how much room they gave it.

Local history is not inclusive enough for them, I conclude.

The funniest part of all is the transplants really are not buying it, whatever they are selling! Look at the racks in the stores to see what goes next time in city.

Anonymous said...

Paul Carpenter is originally from the snow belt area of Buffalo, NY. He might have spent some time in California but he's native to the Buffalo area. Believe me, he's mentioned it on many occasions when writing about snowfalls. I think Carpenter & White do what newspaper columnists are supposed to do get a reaction from the readers. White is amusing and I especially like his Christmas lights stories which have become tours & a local cable TV show.