Sep 22, 2009

The Blogger

We here in the Valley are blessed to have the THE BLOGGER EXTRAORDINAIRE to both inform and conform us. Tirelessly attending one meeting after another, five nights a week at the midnight hour he bestows praise upon the deserving and criticism upon the weak. Bending the truth like putty, faster than a speeding Lanta Bus, all opposing comments are dismissed as non sequiturs, personal attacks and off be continued


Volvo Driving Soccer Mom said...

Oh, Mr. M, please don't feed this anger.

michael molovinsky said...

this amuses me, i don't believe it's anger driven, sorry you don't find it humorous

Bernie O'Hare said...

I am sorry to see such a mean-spirited post, which ridicules me for attending public meetings and even mocks the time at which I post. For a moment there, I thought I was on Villa's blog.

Anonymous said...

I've had huge problems with both Molovinsky and O'Hare. Not sure if that makes me objective, but here's my anonymous take on this -- Molovinsky should be given credit for speaking out about O'hare's lack of integrity and regular absence of intellectual honesty. He should not be told to hush. Others have challenged O'hare in the past, but not in a manner that brings this much weight and credibility. As for those who hold out the olive branch, they'll have to learn the hard way. Again.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie, you already established that i'm mean spirited, kick people while their down, holier than thou, have personal issues and assorted other insults because you didn't like my post about tony phillips; then you went on to subscribe reasons for my meanness; wants to run for mayor as write in, resents this and that....

for the record, you provide a much needed public service by attending the meetings and reporting on them, if you should be so vicious in defending your positions, and so defensive about that criticism, is another issue.

Volvo Driving Soccer Mom said...

Mr. M-

A part of me smirks and sees irony in what is transpiring, but another part of me is sad.
Many of us have had cause to disagree with Mr. O'Hare. We behaved badly in our anger.
We can't take that back, but we can refrain from repeating it.
I respect your right to reply to what you perceive from Mr. O'Hare in any fashion you deem appropriate.
If you can laugh about it, that is a positive sign. Bernie, maybe you could grin as well, show that you aren't as easily injured as it appears?
I don't know how casey will get you two to have a beer together.
Would it help if I was your waitress?

michael molovinsky said...

volvo mom, i thank you kindly for your well intended invitation, but a careful examination will show more vitriol in mr. o'hare's comment than in my post.

one could say this post was unnecessary, but then again, perhaps i was entitled to post about a political candidate without having my character assassinated.

i'll pass on the beer

Anonymous said...

"As for those who hold out the olive branch..."


I have stated here before that, in my opinion, DIPLOMACY IS OVERRATED.

I am sure some found that a curious if not unusual remark at the time, perhaps more philosophical understanding of such a statement has been gained for some since then!

On the other hand, NOW, no one can say I never gave diplomacy a shot, ever.


Let the blog wars continue!

East Pen Democrat said...

Ms. Volvo, there's a lot of irony here.
I suggest Mr. O'Hare misses the irony in bemoaning "mean-spirited" posts when he hosts comments on his blog of wanting to see a certain thorn in his side "burn in hell" or which claim the target is high on drugs.

Anonymous said...

Soccer Mom can be my waitress Anyday!

Anonymous said...

This needs to end. If Casey and O'hare can end and set their offenses aside, this can end too! I have confidence in both of you. Neither of you are nutz. Thats all I will say on this subject, not to either one more or less than the other. It's just not constructive. Its not worth the aggravation. Please move on. There are other important issues than the ones you do not agree upon.

the observer said...

For once I agree with you MM. When it comes to Bernie O'Hare, talk about someone who can dish it out but can't take it.

He has a pattern of repeatedly attacking bloggers and commenters in vicious and sometimes disgusting ways, until they disappear only to turn around and make fun of them for "poof" ing. What a jackass.

God forbid anyone criticize Dent, or Cunningham, or Stoffa (I can sort of understand all three of those), and now apparently you can add Tony Philips to the list of un-reproachable elected officials in the Lehigh Valley.

Most people would have to smoke something pretty strong to see Tony as the savior Bernie does, but apparently anyone who doesn't get on board with TP has a mean-spirited personal agenda, as far as Bernie is concerned.

I'd post my comment over there, but judging by the number of admin-deleted comments recently, it wouldn't last very long.

Volvo Driving Soccer Mom said...

I want you to know, I was a damn good waitress when I was a teenager. I worked at a Hooters before I married.

Anonymous said...

Move on, Michael. All you have done here is attract the Ohare haters with a post that I'd agree is mean-spirited.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 2:18, i criticize o'hares debate tactics, he directly criticized my disposition as mean spirited, grave dancer, etc. to me there is a difference, and that difference demanded an answer.

if bernie is offended that i ridiculed attending public meetings and mocked time of day he posts, perhaps he would rather be called a grave dancer?

i do realize this disagreement is becoming old hat to outsiders, and i will close the comment section