May 13, 2009

A Magician's Choice

A magician gives the viewer the allusion of choice, when really controlling what card is chosen. Next week is the primary election, when we voters think we are making a choice. In many of the races the candidates are cross filed with both parties, mattering little if you vote for them or not. Locally, there is only a couple contested races, where there are more candidates than slots; namely democrats for Allentown City Council and District Justice for Magisterial District 31-1-03. I'm supporting several candidates via this posting, however, because of my current residency and registration, they cannot receive my vote.
There are seven contestants for four City Council seats; only Lou Hershman stands out as a maverick, every Mayor deserves at least one thorn in the side. The most qualified person contending for District Justice is clearly attorney Marc Kranson, although being a lawyer is not a requirement, it's more bang for the taxpayer's buck.

David Zimmerman, running for a four year term on the school board, knows only too well the realities of Allentown School District, living across the street from William Allen for many years. My last recommendation for a thankless job goes to Joanne Jackson, for a two year term on the board. Her opponent is cross filed, meaning you must choose Joanne to have a choice in November. In a time and galaxy far away, Joanne and I worked together with pre-school children. She is a dedicated educator.


Anonymous said...

MM, while in Allentown there aren't many choices, there are several crowded races in the 'burbs. Two that come to mind are for the East Penn School Board and Lower Macungie Township Commissioners. Also, there is a lot of activity in Northampton County, Bernie O'Hare has done numerous posts on the races over there.

While it's not good for Allentown, the rest of the valley has some interesting choices to make next week.

The Banker

Anonymous said...

I went to the debate last night at Symphony Hall and I saw many of the people you and BH often refer to in your blog, Lou Hershman being one of them. It was definitely an interesting mix of candidates.
It wasn't well attended, in my mind. (I am unsure why people complain about cost and then don't bother to show)
Anyway, i also was surprised to find that there is only one Republican candidate running for City Council and the person wasn't there. How will that person get a platform ?

Alfonso Todd

Anonymous said...

I hear Hershman is sending a letter asking for a write-in as a Republican candidate. Does that count as cross filing????