Apr 14, 2009

Stimulus Money Will Destroy Allentown

Alan Jennings and other bureaucrats in the poverty field are organizing to track down and receive every possible dollar from the Stimulus Packages being handed out by Washington. Like Manna from Heaven, these funds are coming much faster than anybody can track, and these existing agencies are geared to prosper. You heard the phrase shovel ready, how about poverty ready? Consider the time line on a current $1million plus handout for rental assistance payments through Allentown City Hall.

THE CITY OF ALLENTOWN WILL FUND NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS WHICH HAVE THE CASE MANAGEMENT AND ADMINISTRATIVE CAPACITY TO GET THIS MONEY TO THE CITY'S NEEDIEST POPULATION QUICKLY. If your organization has never administered the types of programs as described below, this may not be the funding source for you to pursue at this time

Time Line.
April 6 Letter written by city
April 8 Letter mailed by city
April 10 Letter received by organizations on mailing list

10 DAYS = $1,129.049.00


Anonymous said...

The only thing that will come out of this is a permanent Democratic majority. The USofA, well, it was fun while it lasted. It's over and has been for quite a while, this will be the final nail in the coffin.

Anonymous said...

I have a non-profit known as Project R.E.A.L. (www.projectreal.piczo.com) and as much as I thought this influx of grant money was "manna from heaven" I had to take a pause and think... I have done ALOT of events and affected alot of people, in the past couple of years, with minimal funding from these grants. I have been supported by donations and sponsorships from businesses and people in the ACTUAL community. The money I have raised was given DIRECTLY to organizations in need: (Boys and Girls Club of Allentown).
I used to be upset and dismayed because I didn't have a 501C-3 (it allows donors to get tax write-offs) but now I have found that through self-determination, perseverance, and a true love for my community, I really NEVER needed it.
I would encourage all non-profits, groups, and other oragnizations, large and small, to do your part to IMPROVE Allentown, PA whether you receive any funding or not. Create reality-based alternatives for our youth and adults. Give people a sense of purpose and teach them how to be self-sufficient. Project R.E.A.L. may or may not be around for the for the future, but it was NEVER about Project R.E.A.L., it was always about the people. THEY are the reasons why I MADE things happen. CARPE DIEM!