Apr 22, 2009

The Life Of Riley

The situation comedy's of the 50's had a common theme. The father would have to resolve some family commotion within 30 minutes, but back then 30 minutes was longer, there were many less commercials. Diversity was limited to social-economic circumstances. Ozzie Nelson lived in an idealized suburban house and had all day to find the solution. Riley worked in factory, lived in a duplex, and had to do his conflict resolution after work.

Conflict is no stranger to this blog, often only lubricated by turmoil. Though usually dissecting Democrats, yesterday I was bickering with the remnants of the local Republican party. Seems the remnants resent my implication of their arrogance. Scott Armstrong and Trent Sear are upset that I revealed the majority of homeowners in the West Park area were opposed to the Historic District imposed upon them. They can't understand why the opposer's didn't attend their coffee clutches at the time, Scott says he would have dropped the plan only if he knew. He didn't offer that option to the standing room only protesters at the City Council Meetings. He claims he and the West Park Association were ignorant of the Daytime Curfew Ordinance being used now to teach the pizza shop owner a little humility. Pam Varkony, who helped sponsor the Pizza Ordinance and ignored the protesters of the Historic District, currently writes on her blog that Allentown needs a Mayor who tells it like it is; well, that would have been an idea for her when she was on council.

I have altered the names of Armstrong, Sear and Varkony as not to offend anybody.

William Bendix, as Riley, would end every episode by saying "What a revolting development this turned out to be!", pretty much like Allentown.


An Exorcist said...


I am not trying to be a jerk or picky. A few years ago, I worked with a man who used to go crazy when someone referred to a "coffee klatch" or "coffee klatsch" as a "coffee clutch."

You have just brought back memories of my enjoyable mornings working with Kenny and his sole problem of the "coffe klatch."

Jelly doughnuts are on me. By the way, I hope it is good pizza that is causing all of this concern with the school and the historic district.

Peace, ~~Alex

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, the pizza isn't so great, but the place serves its purpose.

How about citing the parents for the kids being out of school during the day, rather than the business that junior happens to get caught in?

Stealth said...

Ah yes, bring back the good old days! Bendix was actually a terrific actor.
Alex, I'll take a couple of those Egypt Star jelly doughnuts!

michael molovinsky said...

i actually was told that the pizza and calzones were excellent

Chris Casey said...

Ah, the truth hurts. A pesky thing, the truth, when it doesn't suit the needs of some. I agree with the idea of hauling the parents of the truants in and holding them accountable. If a minor breaks a neighbors windowm the parents are responsible. It is a perfect extension of responsibility to me. I was never a truant, I feared the mighty Dad and the can of whup ass he would have opened up.
those were the days!

michael molovinsky said...

scott armstrong writes on the allentown commentator:

Molovinsky Off the Deep End

With all of the problems the city faces it is unfortunate to see one of the
mayor's critics go off the deep end and start chasing windmills. Mike Molovinsky
a local blogger has decided that the dragon worthy of his attention is none
other than the evil and tyrannical West Park Civic Association and its even more
dastardly Historic District.
Apparently Mike can't let his loss in that effort go and from time to time
feels the need to vent his very selective version of events. Suffice it to say
one side in that struggle held public meetings while the other chose to lie
about the effects of an historic district and impugn the motivations of those
leading the public effort to get it approved.
I for one wash my hands of Mike, he is more trouble than he is worth and
clearly harbors an antagonism against those whose only motive was a better

Scott Armstrong

scotty, scotty, actually my blog which annoyed you the other day concerned the harassment of the pizza shop owner. you were embarrassed by your statement that you had no knowledge of the ordinance or it's implementation. i progressed on to citing other infringements on property rights, including the west park historic district. i told no lies, nor did insult the civic association. you on the other hand obviously put the righteousness of your ordinances ahead of any civility toward a person, actually that's the arrogance of self-righteousness to which i referred. i assure you i have "moved on" pass the historic district, which occurred in 2000. I have not moved on past fighting arrogance and self-righteousness, i'm proud to have defended the pizza shop.

Chris Casey said...

But to hear ol' Scotty tell it, we are all insulting him.

Mike, I don't know about you, but Scott's outbursts recalls my misguided shots at you, before I got to know you. I regret those acts, and I told you to your face.

You think Scott will ever take it back? I wouldn't hold my breath.

michael molovinsky said...

chris, we all weave tangled webs and carry some baggage. although i appreciate your compliment, i know you have some prior issues about armstrong.
scott and i have known each other for close to 15 years. apparently he liked me as a critic of pawlowski, as long as i didn't criticize anything he (scott) was involved in.

Anonymous said...

MM -

Perhaps I am missing the point, but I thought the subject was what happened to the pizza shop owner.

I agree with you that the ordinance is onerous on businesses. The burden of policing truants should fall on the school district.

However, I fail to see the relevance of who enacted the ordinance. No matter who was originally responsible for it, apparently the current administration supports it and is enforcing it. That is where the problem currently lies and the change needs to be made.

Similarly - while I understand your arguments - I don't understand the constant carping about the historic district. If it is so detrimental or unpopular, it should be quite easy to repeal.

It would seem more productive to try to change the present than continue to fight about the past.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 10:00, 99% of the time, i am in the present. the pizza shop citation is in the present. i have been actively involved in half a dozen or more issues since the historic district was passed. i think the citation resulted from a persistent neighbor complaining. i would hate to think that a scaled down police force, patrolling a city ravaged by violence, would make this a priority.