Mar 13, 2009

Blogger's Bitch Slap Bennett

This posting might go down in local blogosphere history as a lesson on how to offend almost everyone at once. For those concerned with sexism or any ism, let me confess to sensationalizing the title. Now another confession, I have a soft spot for the underdog, not that Sam Bennett is one, outside of the blogosphere. But here, where lets us present ego and opinion as knowledge, Sam took a beating. Bernie O'Hare, acknowledged Pope of the local bloggers, dissected Bennett for not knowing the UnderSecretary of State in Pakistan. Pam Varkony, important in multiple spheres of influence, can barely hide her distain for Sam. Chris Casey, recently reasserting himself in the blogosphere, vacillated between praising and ridiculing her; and of course the vast army of anonymous belittlers had a picnic at Bennet's expense. Recently, at breakfast, a longtime Bennett supporter made some compelling observations. Bennett was hired for her new job in Washington,President of the Women's Campaign Forum, because of her accomplishments. She managed to beat Charlie Dent in Allentown almost two to one. ( yes, I know about the registration advantage, but Dent is a household name). This supporter also made another very interesting claim; that Bennett was instrumental in getting the vote out in 2005 for Pawlowski. He wondered aloud how much Pawlowski would be hurt with her away, in Washington on the new job, come November. Why Sam gets slapped around here so much in blogtown, I'm not sure. I hear there are some people who just happen to rub everyone the wrong way, but I wouldn't know much about that.


Bernie O'Hare said...

" Why Sam gets slapped around here so much in blogtown, I'm not sure."

I'll have to publish about 46 more posts to make that clear. Incidentally, she did not know the name of the president of Afghanistan, where we house 35,000 US troops. She also claimed to be the author of a study called a Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq.

"I hear there are some people who just happen to rub everyone the wrong way, but I wouldn't know much about that."

Me neither.

Chris Casey said...

Hi Mike, I don't get out these parts much anymore, but I heard my njame was invoked, so like "beetlejuice" I showed up.
I like that word "Vacillating", but I am more inclined to respond to the perception that I am "reasserting" myself. Don't hold your breath. I am editing posts for people on request, but don't look for me to be writing all that political B.S.
I have no inclination to climb into the pigsty that some parts of Blogistan have become.
When you lay down with dogs, you are likely to get fleas. I have three dogs here at home, why would I want to lay down with more of them?
And please understand that I correspond with you, and interact on those blogs that I don't see as pigpens or flea laden.

Now that I've answered my emails, I'm heading back out. Don't want to end up a "Resident Evil Blog Zombie" like some bloggers have.

Politically Neutral said...

Who is Sam Bennett?

Living here in Allentown I have always asked this question.

Personally I have really never developed a sense of who she is or what she stands for.

The only thing evident is that she always seems to be running for something.

Actually my impression is that she seems kind of out of place for this area.

I have never been impressed by her. What exposure I have had, I have been left with the impression she is somewhat arrogant, condescending and rather self serving.

Maybe she is just trying to define herself. I do not see much to be learned from her.

But then perhaps I am not half the woman she is. That is, if I were a woman.

michael molovinsky said...

although I do not share her political viewpoints, I believe that by any fair criterion, she must be considered an accomplished person with proven leadership abilities.

Politically Neutral said...

Reviewing her accomplishments, again, the only thing I can see that is current is perhaps the Properties of Merit position.

The Allentown High stuff I think was unfunded and is no longer in existence - I may be wrong.

But I see nothing that would have qualified her to be in Charlie Dents seat or even that of Mayor of The City of Allentown. That is, in my opinion.

Perhaps strength comes from the Dems affiliation.

I for one am looking for a candidate that truly understands the state of the city.

I want more than a candidate whose perception just happens to match that of the more powerful members of the party think tank.

Anonymous said...

Isn't she the one who 'saved' Mayfair by charging Allentown residents to use their own park?
And Properties of Merit? I'd love to start an organization that pays me to pay me.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 10:25, although i'm not a fan of the properties of merit concept, the program has expanded statewide and people do take pride in being nominated. admission, or separate ticket charges for major features, appears now a days to be commonplace at events. bash her if you must, but it took organizational skills and leadership to be in those positions.