Dec 7, 2008

School Board Does Homework

I give the Allentown School Board an A for electing Bob Smith Jr. as their new president.* Bob served on the board since 2003 and is also head of the Allentown Republican Committee. Allentown has been blessed over the years by the dedication of numerous citizens. Many of them never seek or achieve high profile positions, but clearly are the workhorses from which we all benefit. In addition to serving the interests of his east side neighborhood, Bob attends most City Council meetings. There is no position for which he would not receive my support.



bill weber said...

I totally agree. Thank you for the posting, Michael.

Anonymous said...

bob has done a fine job on the school board and i know he will be more proactive in his position as president.

another benefit: hopefully his additional duties will keep him out of city council chambers . . . a poisonous environment which has ruined better public officials than him.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I don't envy the guy.

Joe Hilliard said...

Agreed. However, when I talked to Bob Smith I had to warn him.

This year will be the hardest year in many to hold the line on taxes. I suspect that this was the reason so many Dems voted for Bob.

He must assemble a team to thoroughly review the finances of ASD to not only figure out a way to hold the line on taxes, but to find a way to start cutting property taxes.

What will the Dems say then? It can be done. I hope Bob Smith shows the leadership to do so, now that he has the leadership position to do so.

I will help in in any way possible.

Anonymous said...!!! it is about time someone has the courage to talk not just about holding the line on property taxes, but about CUTTING them.

congrats to mr. hilliard who probably is almost alone in realizing that by cutting property taxes we can start a boomlet which will allow property owners to re-capture some of their lost equity.