Nov 26, 2008

2009 Municipal Election

Today I received what I thought to be the first political brochure of the 2009 Mayoral campaign. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that it was actually the municipal directory and map, sent to every property owner of record. Taxpayers received such a directory in 2005, but in that version, then Mayor Afflerbach limited himself to his name only, in small print. I have included a photo of the 2005 directory for

comparison. A disclaimer appears in small print near Pawlowski's huge photograph, "No tax payer funds were expended in the printing of this document". The combination campaign promotion/ city map was published by the Morning Call.


Chris Casey said...

They all do it Mike, Awfulbach knew he wasn't running again, so i have to say that's not a legitimate comparison. The Republican run Townships all do the same thing.

Anonymous said...

I liked the big picture of the firefighter. I wonder what city he works for because it sure isn't Allentown. Allentown firefighters wear black turn out gear and only Captains on Engine 4 have red helmets. I wonder if the other pictures of people are from allentown or are they just models or some kind of clip art.

Anonymous said...

The Republican run Townships all do the same thing.

There you go again Chris, painting with a very broad brush! Not much different after I called you out for calling Republikkklans, suggesting all republican where racist, only after I called it you relented abit.

This comment is more of the same. No party has a monopoly on bad government.

Are you telling us that democrat led townships dont engage in such abuse? Thats what your comment seems to suggest!

I think not!

michael molovinsky said...

i'll leave chris and dave debate the differences between democratic and republican abuses. when the first directory and map was designed, i'm not sure afflerbach had decided not to run again at that point. pawlowski's political calculations are unprecedented in allentown

Anonymous said...

'll leave chris and dave debate the differences between democratic and republican abuses

Thanks Mike. Perhaps I came down hard, but I'm not debating between democratic and republican abuses. Both parties at present suck, which was my point.

Bernie O'Hare said...

This is a very intertesting blog and raises a number of red flags.

The size of that picture, standing alone, indicates this is a campaign ad.

What bothers me most of all to see the mayor acting in league with the newspaper that is supposed to cover him. I'll try to find out how that happened.

Although this campaign ad does not request readers to vote for Pawlowski, the size of Pawlowski's picture indicates that is precisely what is intended.

As far as the justification that Rs do this too is concerned, that's a typical nonsequitor. If Republicans and Democrats both do the same stupid thing, it's still a stupid thing. And the simple truth is that they don't "all do it." I know very few LV communities who would tolerate this bullshit. It happens, but not very much.

Anonymous said...

Where did you hear The Morning Call published it?

If they did, the the just print it or did the design it and sell the advertising also? Did they receive any revenue from it.

All these things must be factored into your critique. On the surface, I think it is great.

michael molovinsky said...

dear anon 10:54, i assume you received a copy because you mention the advertisements, which i didn't. look again, at the top right corner of the map for publication by the Morning Call. I don't find Pawlowski's picture relevant to the useful information provided, it would be just as "great" without it.

South Side Sam said...

The mayor's face makes it more personal. I think it is good the Allentown government is communicating with the people in the city.

The phone numbers are really helpful.

Chris Casey said...

Dave, I know you meant it in a friendly way. You know I agree with ytou that presently, both major parties are etrhically challenged. My point is It doesn't matter what party is in power, it is a human thing to give in to the temptation and abuse it. The party designation is not relevant. As for other comments critical of my POV, they aren't worth the bother of responding to. I know I can respectfully disagree and discuss issues with Mike, Dave, and most people, but as Strother Martin remarked in the classic Movie Cool Hand Luke, "Some People you just can't reach", and in my opinion, the attempt isn't worth it, and would be futile.
May all of you have a good Holiday Season.

Anonymous said...

Isn't is illegal to run city paid ads that are promoting one's campaign fof mayor?
Isn't this similar to bonus-gate?
Bob Romancheck