May 8, 2008

Pawlowski Picks Lightweight

Although her lack of qualifications was even apparent to Pawlowski sycophants Eichenwald and Guridy, last night City Council unanimously approved Joyce Marin to receive $87,000 a year as our new Director of Community Development. How does this happen? It's difficult to speak frankly or vote against someone. I'm sure she is a very nice person who will try hard, and maybe that will be enough; but she is a "trainee" at best, why not pay her as such? Her claims to fame, career wise, is bringing bike racks to Emmaus as their Main Street Manager, and scheduling a small part time "farmers market" for this summer on Hamilton Street. The vegetable vendor plan resulted from her being Director of Allentown Economic and Development Corporation this past year. Ms. Marin is "excited" about her new job; wants to hire a business development specialist, is counting on the "Vision" meetings to help revitalization, and thinks the farmers market on Hamilton Street will help. The intention of this posting is not to debase Ms. Marin, but rather Pawlowski and City Council. The information was derived from an article in today's Morning Call.*



Veritas said...

So when is she going to move into Allentown?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Michael, Her name is Marin, not Martin. I believe her husband, Paul, sits on LANTA's board. She was well-regarded in Emmaus.

Bob said...

Bernie's comment "she was well-regarded in Emmaus" really lacke substance. What did she do? She seems to be attractive but the salary is remarkedly high. Also the first thing she wants to do is hire someone to help her. Oh well, it's just politics as usual.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie, under the official hierarchy of the city of allentown, ms. marin's position is the most important, and pays considerably more than the mayor's in salary (87k vs. 63k). using a phrase from my previous post, she must certainly play well with others. it appears she has transitioned from the "main st." manager of a small borough to the top dog of pa.'s third largest city in three years. as i mentioned, my posting is not to malign ms. marin, but to question pawlowski and city council. for instance, cunningham filled the parallel county position with a hot shot in commercial real estate. all the deals mentioned in regard to AEDC were in the works for years. She may well be capable, time will tell, but that salary was created for someone much more experienced. thank you for the name correction.

Bill said...

On the sarcastic side -

Getting approval for a bike rack is no small matter. We tried to do this at a location near downtown Allentown and failed to find a place that we could get past zoning.

Bernie O'Hare said...


I'm sorry but can't offer much substance. I do know she was well-regarded in Emmaus. When I ran a contest for top elected official in the LV, she got several nominations, pretty good for a borough council member.

I interacted with her on the passenger rail symposium that RenewLV conducted two years. I wrote a critical piece, and responded with her own very thoughtful remarks.

I know she is one of the people who was able to engineer a program for Emmaus to livestream its borough council meetings. It is still the only LV municiplaity that does that, and it cost a grand total of $2,000. Something like that makes government both transparent and accountable.

I don't know much about her, but have heard nothing but good things. As Michael states, "time will tell."

Anonymous said...

I have had the pleasure of having dinner with Mrs. Marin and her husband and found them to be genuinely concerned with the plight of Allentown. She seems to be open to new ideas that will make a true impact on the city and its residents.


Anonymous said...

Regardless of Ms. Marin's background we can all rest assured that the a tidal wave of Molovinsky's and the Allentown Republican Committee's ilk we be around to point out any possible short coming to ensure that nothing short of absolute failure is how the public perceives her tenure.

Who the heck would want any job in this town with these grumpy old men standing around whose only opportunity for success in life is to cheer and work toward the failure of others.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 5:45, i have a vested interest and actually wish her success. BUT, i hardly think reservations expressed on a private blog, will affect either public opinion or her accomplishments.

The Unspoken Word said...

I have a Question
is it
City Vs.Suburbs or
Suburbs Vs. City

I hope Miss Marin Can Compete with the Leighvalley Mall, and win the Bid of such Major Corporte Stores like the MAC Computer store or Barnes and Nobel.
Yes, i know its too late for those stores.
but imagin how if we had the Mac Store downtown, all the students in the local Universities would be able to ride there bikes.. or walk to shop.
Imagin the

Downtown would benifit from the big chain Franchise, i know.. i know everyone hates the "Franchise"
but, i rather see my money go into the city rather than supporting the Suburban fantasy of safety,

Now allow me to be controversial,
Perhaps The City Council has a invested interest in making sure the Suburbs stay a viable economic development.

it seems if i want a big ticket item, i have to leave My area, (7th street and Washington ) and drive to the Mall.
so, instead of shopping at the Mall, i do it online
shame on me

Miss Marin, put things right

Long live the City !

Anonymous said...


I don’t know how you can bear to attend city council meetings any longer. To those who haven’t attended I dare you to make the effort.
As to this nominee it is my guess she will fit right in with all the other clueless outsiders who are trying to figure out how to do their high paying city management jobs. Once again I must apologize for lacking faith in our mayor and his abilities. Experience has taught me not to trust elected officials or their appointees on anything. This is something new city councilman Mike Donovan might want to consider. Elected officials have a duty to verify not trust; residents also have every right to demand the same from their government.

Scott Armstrong