Mar 27, 2008

Pawlowski Prostitutes Parking Authority

The Parking Authority should be horrified that Mayor Pawlowski is prevailing upon them to compromise their mission; provide parking and enforcement for the betterment of Allentown. What would Allentown be willing to offer a national employer bringing over two hundred jobs to downtown Allentown? Bringing those jobs to no less than the 700 block of Linden Street, truly a depressed area. Rendell, Cunningham and Pawlowski would be waving large cardboard checks, offering KOZ, Hud loans and grants. Smaller employers with many fewer jobs have received much more. But here in Pawlowskiville, we have a national employer who receives no incentives and has been providing jobs and paying taxes for decades. The only amenity this asset enjoys is a adjacent parking lot providing convenient and safe parking for their employees. Yesterday, at the Parking Authority Meeting, one such woman employee found out her fellow workers would have to walk a block and half at 10:30 in the evening to another lot, because the Authority is selling the lot to Nic Zawarski Construction to build townhouses. The Authority was ready to sell last month, but board member Larry Hilliard suggested they wait to yesterday so "we're not accused on rushing into it". Larry is upset with me for previously writing he delayed the sale for appearance sake. He claims he meant to say for "due diligence". If they really performed due diligence they would not sell the lot; it is over 60% occupied with 120 rent paying parkers, not a bad exchange for having an taxpaying employer providing over 200 jobs. The Authority postponed their vote again because only 3 of the 5 members were present, they want to spread their guilt out for this poor decision to the full board.

Update: Despite being a long term critic of various policies of the Parking Authority, Tamara Weller, Executive Director, has
consistently been courteous toward me and my rights as an opposer. I mention this, because too many of our elected and appointed officials show contempt toward those who dare disagree.


Bernie O'Hare said...

Michael, Good post! So it appears the vote on this matter has been delayed again? It appears that someone might be getting the idea that townhouses are not the best use of that property.

michael molovinsky said...

eve it will pass with flying colors. however, it is such an improper thing to do, they want the full board to share responsibility for their weakness to do what's proper for the cities best interest, that would be retain the lot for verizon use. i think michael donovan may vote against it, he knows his single vote would not effect the outcome. now, if he would actually advocate against passage with his fellow board members, then i would mow his lawn. i'm disappointed paul muschick didn't report on the meeting. i know he'd prefer to wait to after the vote, but then it's too late for the public to know what shenanigans are occurring.

Bill said...

Does do diligence include mentioning the proposed sale to those who lease spaces?

I guess not.

Veritas said...

If the city were run with the efficiency of the parking authority, would we have the problems we do?

They, the parking authority, even give a quantity discount (sic). If you get too many tickets in too short a period of time the subsequent tickets are increasingly more expensive.

I saw one of their big brother vehicles sweeping down Chew Street to 17th with the robo-cameras on the back.

It seems the judicial system and the parking authority are the two growth industries of Allentown.

Does anyone think the notorious relentlessness of the parking authority de-motivates people in coming to Allentown?

I assume, black uniforms, bullet proof vests and huge intimidating taser guns strapped to the waist are next.

michael molovinsky said...

your correct about the parking authority; the meter rates are too high for allentown(15minfor0.25), the enforcement is brutal, 15 second grace period), the meter district is absurd(out to 10th and chew). the top gun (ticket rider) works the 1600 block of chew st. they write over 100,000 tickets a year. Tucker yarn owner told me this week (new comer, only there for 60 years) the meter rate and enforcement has hurt him considerably. someone must pay $1.00 to come in to buy yarn for $3.00? for this monster(parking authority) to now be controlled by pawlowski is even more heinous