Mar 4, 2008

City Council Out of Line

According to an article in the Morning Call*, Mayor Pawlowski and Council President Michael D'Amore met about council's acting up; council did not pass an ordinance charging brides a fee to use the rose gardens for photographs. One must understand that this is the first time Allentown City Council has denied a request by the mayor**. After rubber stamping a new 10 million dollar bond, and refinancing 22 million more in bonds**, the mayor does not expect city council to act as an equal branch of city government. He refers to the recent insubordination as a bump in the road, expecting council to henceforth comply with the will of the people. Apparently Mr. Pawlowski feels his initiatives are the will of the people.


** current city council has three new members


Anonymous said...

Charging brides for photos in the Rose Garden? What's next? Charging me to ride my MB in the Parkway?

Anonymous said...

Yes three new council member??????
One can only give flowery speeches, one sits there and says nothing and one sits there and knows "everything", he thinks. Believe me, this council is worse than the previous one.