Mar 6, 2008

Arrogant Heights

Mayor Ed Pawlowski, in his second State of the City address this year, proclaimed he will rename the center city subsidized district "Renaissance Square." Although some feel "Pawlowski's Pay and Playville" would be most appropriate, the new name should be "Arrogant Heights." At the Allentown Parking Authority board meeting on Feb. 26, the declining revenue of existing merchants on Hamilton Street was accepted as a factual consequence of the new Lanta Transportation Center. This matter of fact comment occurred during a discussion about building new townhouses at 7th and Linden, which they should call "Moron Manor." It is the height of arrogance, to think that any revitalization plan, justifies compromising the survival of long term, taxpaying businesses.


Mrs. Dottie said...

I read today about the mayor's new marketing campaign to call the PPL Plaza area "Renaissance Square." They are going to make banners and celebrate. The article mentions all the new buildings and townhouses, and improvements on the Art Museum , etc. But how about real job creation? Is that happening? If it doesn't then he will be just widening the gap between rich and poor. There will be vacant buildings. This "Renaissance" seems like all style and no substance.

Why can't the Americus become retail shops that cater to more of the population. There could be a grocery store, discount stores,vintage clothing for the artsies, music store,etc.

Anonymous said...

Sure, let's build a city dedicated to the needs of a perpetual underclass that has imported it's big city and/or foreign country mores to our once proud city.

Mrs. Dottie said...


That's not at all what I am saying.
I don't think it is morally right to ignore the needs of the poor, elderly, or struggling middle class.
There are people with what you call "foreign country mores" who are good hard working people. This is a diverse city.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 5:42, i am probably the original advocate of upgrading our city, however, this is not intelligently achieved by starving existing merchants or building things for which there is no market. furthermore, ironically, the funding is still in place for those programs which continue to attract more "underclass" to the city. although we subsidize photo opportunities, there is no coherent long term plan in place, despite "banners" to the contrary

Veritas said...

Rarely have I found issue with old country mores.

Personally I find any mores better than the urban culture's - NO MORES.

It has nothing to do with race or ethnicity. It has everything to do with integrity, responsibility and investment in the community.