Feb 11, 2008

Scotty and Mikey Agree

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Scott Armstrong and I have been on the opposite side of most issues for years, but we both agree that the Home Sale Inspection Law is bad for Allentown. Scott feels " If this administration abuses the Sweep Ordinance and gives tickets to the elderly for putting their garbage out two hours early, how could you enable them with so much power over your home?" The apologists for the city claim the law will help control rental properties, while in fact the Rental Inspection Law of 1998 requires all new owners to notify the city for re-inspection. City Hall must concentrate on providing safe, clean streets, and keep their hands out of the homeowner's pocket and house. Scott and I will work together and bring this issue to a public ballot question.
Note that in the above clipping, the bureaucrat states home values increase more downtown in the historic districts, they never let reality interfere with their agenda.

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