Jan 14, 2008

On Vocation

My agenda for the meeting at Faith Baptist Church on Saturday, Jan. 26, at 12 noon, is to question Allentown's moral authority to step between a taxpaying homeowner and his buyer. City Council will be invited to the meeting. I welcome all to come, and expand the agenda to your concerns.
I took the above photograph, so we are not the couple shown.

UPDATE: Apparently, The Parking Authority and Lanta, in addition to the Dunkin Donuts, will have a convenience store. In
addition to my concerns about the Home Inspection Ordinance 109, I will expand the meeting to again rally against
the arrogance of Lanta and the Parking Authority in their disregard of the Hamilton Street merchants.


Dottie said...

Another really great photo MM. I won't get into an in depth interpretation here, but that woman seems to become part of the scenery with her flowered house frock and curlers.

I read in the paper today that LANTA will not be restoring some of the bus stops for the merchants until Feb.18th, a week later than planned. I could not find the story on-line.

I don't understand why the Parking Authority has so much authority? I went to their website and it says nothing about being a landlord.

Have a nice vacation, you lucky dog!!

michael molovinsky said...

i find the fact that they are a landlord at the expense of the taxpaying merchants on hamilton st. very disturbing. i remember the former director (linda kauffman) want to have stores at the city hall deck, and city council denied the request because they felt it was inappropriate to compete with property owners. apparently she made up for it at 6th and linden, i believe there will be a total of four stores.