Jan 25, 2008

Mayor has it Backwards

The Mayor thinks the city should be involved in the sale of your home, and you should help fight crime. Here's an idea, instead of hiring more inspectors to intrude on our property rights, hire more police and protect the homeowners. Speak out saturday at noon, Faith Baptist Church, 219 N. 12th St.


Bernie O'Hare said...

This is the frst time I've ever seen a blogger invert a picture to make a point like this. Well done. Tomorrow, the mayor is going to turn you upside down, and I'll be standing nearby, looking for loose change.

atown-liker said...

Great post. I'm jealous.

Bill said...

These are words I clipped from Pam Varkony's Blog she posted last night:

"A quick update on the Zoning Board Appeals Hearing tonight in Allentown: There is no update.

For starters, the billboard appeal was the last item on the agenda; nice trick when you know the objectors are regular people who have to get up and go to work the next morning. After waiting for hours, and I mean hours, for the variance request on the billboards to be heard, the attorney for the "company" that owns the land, Bill Malkames, and we all know who he represents, asked for a continuance."

This is my Neighborhood, and Pam states very well my experience and sentiment (along with perhaps many of my neighbors) in how city Government "listens" to its Citizenry.

Why is it that many of the cogs of local government reduce public input and open access?

I am posting this input on three blogs this morning. Ms Varkony's, Mr Donoavan's. Mr Molvinsky's.

Not sure how or if it will be responded to, but as a citizen, I want to be heard, not shuffled off pn some perfunctory process.

michael molovinsky said...

bill, good comment, and interesting where you posted. I've been talking to deaf ears for 15 years, and must say even pam herself could have listened better when she sat there. so you contacted three people, one who was in power(pam), one who never was(me) and mr. donovan. as one thorn to another, lets hope mr. donovan does listen.