Dec 20, 2007

Sold Down The River

Last night Allentown homeowners got sold down the river by both the city and county elected officials. The county commissioners voted to give 1.5 million dollars to several organizations to make "middle class" homeowners. Those of us familiar with these groups realize the real middle class doesn't need such assistance, and we are again just financing the poverty magnet. Allentown City Council approved a new law mandating that every property must be inspected by the city before it can be sold. Three realtors, portraying themselves as representing the realtors association, endorsed this proposal. After the meeting, in the hallway, they conceded the realtors were never polled on this issue, and as officers of the association they took that decision upon themselves to make. Also in the hallway, the mayor thanked them for their cooperation in this matter. Allentown would be better off, if both the city and county officials, recognized we need self-sufficient home-buyers; The long term taxpaying homeowners, should have the right to sell their house, without the city getting between them and their buyer.

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