Dec 10, 2007

Hark The Herald

The holiday season is not an easy time to question a faith-based initiative, but it is sure an opportune time to announce one. Last week in Mayor Pawlowski's weekly press conference he announced his Office of Faith-Based Initiatives, to be run by one of his special assistants. Today, in the Morning Call's monthly endorsement of Mayor Ed, the "office" was heralded as an imaginative way to improve the city through the mayor's "moral leadership". One must wonder what the members of The Council of Churches, Institute for Jewish-Christian Understanding, and CUNA (Congregations United for Neighborhood Action) feel they have been doing for the last twenty years?

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Dottie said...

Since the mayor's background is pastor and social worker, it makes sense that he would do this. I am not a big fan of faith-based initiatives, but the mayor is including many different faiths in this group, not just Christian, so for that reason I can be okay with it. Plus, religious groups show more compassion for the poor, and for victims of crime than the DA's office.