Oct 11, 2007

Abuse of Corpse

In a defiant, unnecessary act of aggression, Lanta and/or The City of Allentown has removed the covered bus stops just off of Hamilton St., on both north and south 8th St. I'm proud to say almost every independent merchant on the 700 block has the signs posted announcing the meeting Oct.18th. They plan to close the stores early and attend en masse. Obviously the accelerated removal of the small canopies was a statement. I now consider the board of Lanta unfit and will address that shortcoming in the future.
UPDATE:" LANTA might be able to shift some routes to the Eighth and Ninth streets stops,(Armando) Greco said, but that possibility was about as good as it got for disgruntled merchants"-Morning Call, Oct.3
apparently if any stop is returned, as punishment the riders will have to stand in the weather, as opposed to sit under cover.

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